Retirement Planning Software

The best products to help you save

Retirement is definitely more complicated today than it was for our grandparents and great-grandparents. Among some of the factors that we have to consider are a multitude of investment options and longer periods of retirement due to greater life-expectancy.

But there is a wide variety of retirement planning software available to help make planning for retirement easier. The following is a review of the best retirement planning software available today:


From $149.99. $50 for annual updates

This software is very visual and easy to understand. There are lots of tips and help boxes along the way that make it easy to navigate. Some might find the tutorial at the beginning rather long, but once you eventually get started, it's quite easy to use.

E-mail and phone support: Yes

J & L Retirement Planner

From $99.95

This software is as easy to use as ESPlanner, only not as visual. Some might find the abundance of semi-complicated "tech-talk" and financial lingo daunting, but it is definitely worth trying.

E-mail and phone support: Yes

Real World Retirement planner (RWR)

From $99.00

This program has a wide variety of options, and the potential for processing many scenarios. The problem is that the RWR's interface is rather awkward and difficult to use. As well, it uses a lot of financial lingo that some people might find hard to understand. You should be adequately familiar with Microsoft Excel to use this software.

E-mail and phone support: Must purchase separately

Quicken 2008

From $59.99

Quicken 2008 offers a host of financial planning solutions, in addition to retirement planning.

Great e-mail and phone support. Overall this software is good, but focuses less on retirement planning than programs dedicated only to retirement.

E-mail and phone support: Yes

Torrid Tech Retirement Savings Planner 2007

From $89.00. $169.00 for couples. $49.99 for annual updates

This software is easy to use, is very visual and economic jargon is kept to a minimum or explained clearly. Functionally, it offers the best of all retirement software reviewed and is faster and easier to use.

E-mail and phone support: Yes

Top Pick: Torrid Tech's Retirement Savings Planner 2007 is not only the best value for your money, but offers the best user experience and functionality.