Yard Cleaning

Tips for easy yard care

Yard cleaning can take up massive amounts of any home owner's time, especially if you're not doing it effectively. Easy yard care is as simple as regular maintenance and a sense of organization. Every job is bigger if you only do it once in a while: the same is true for yard work. So don't leave a landscape yard to its own devices -- get out there and give it some tender loving care!

Regular yard services, whether done by a professional or by your own hand, is the key to a great looking outdoor space. Of course it will be harder to mow the lawn if it's three feet tall! Don't let things get out of hand. Depending on the season, you should be doing some yard cleaning on a daily to weekly basis.

Get the Yard Tools Out

During the winter, many people slack off on their yard cleaning. However, keeping your yard well maintained over the winter will help reduce the spring cleaning work load. Consider spending some time every week removing snow from the walkways and decks, cleaning up plant refuse, and dealing with animal and pet waste.

Spring is the big time of year for yard care. Cleaning up after a long, hard winter is never an easy task, but break it up into small daily jobs and it won't seem as bad. On the other end, you should prepare your yard for a long winter's sleep during the fall. Cleaning up all the leaves and debris around your home before the snow flies will make spring clean-up a lot easier. Consider how hard it will be to move all those leaves once they're soaked through with months' worth of snow and rain.

Pay Attention to Proper Yard Drainage

Proper yard drainage is a yard cleaning step that most people don't think about. You should be regularly monitoring your yard drainage, and if you're just planning your yard landscape now, you should make sure to consider drainage as you design your layout.

Proper yard drainage can make yard maintenance a lot easier. It keeps water from pooling in particular areas, which would result in mud and poor grass or plant growth.