Window Cleaning

Your easy window cleaning solution

Window cleaning doesn't have to be a drag when you know some simple tricks and products you can use to make the job easier.

The number one window cleaning tip is to choose the right product for the job. Using the right window cleaning products can help you tackle stuck on dirt in the hardest to reach places. You can also use natural products found around your home to create your own window cleaning solution that is effective, as well as easy on the environment.

However, no matter which product you use while window cleaning, always keep safety in mind, especially if you're dealing with high up or hard to reach windows. Check first to see if your windows have an easy-to-clean design which allows you to pull the window inside to clean the outside from the safety of your home. If not, always use the proper safety equipment and precautions when cleaning windows from the outside.

A Natural Window Cleaning Solution

You don't have to use harsh chemicals or store bought cleansers when there is a great natural window cleaning solution you can mix up with ingredients from your own kitchen.

Many people are hesitant to use a natural window cleaning product because they are concerned about streaks on the window. However, when using a natural product, most people find that the streaks are a result of a build-up of chemical cleaner that has been used over the years. Most natural window cleaning solutions aren't strong enough to wash away that residue, which is why streaks are left behind.

The trick to removing all the residue on windows and leaving them crystal clear, with no streaks, is to add a touch of dishwashing liquid to your mixture. This treats the chemical residue on the window and removes streaks.

The best natural window cleaning solution is to mix vinegar with water. Add in that dash of dish soap, and you have an effective cleanser at little cost to your wallet and the environment.

Window Cleaning Supply

Besides a good cleanser, tackling most window cleaning jobs also involves some important window cleaning supplies. Think hoses, sponges, spray nozzles for hard to reach places, as well as ladders and safety equipment for high windows.

A frequently overlooked window cleaning supply is the local newspaper: you can use it to either dry your windows to a streak-free shine, or look up the local window cleaning professional.