Sell your Home

Sell your Home

Everything you need to know about doing it yourself

Realty fees generally range between 6 and 7 percent, which can add up to thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. That thought alone would make most people take a stab at selling their own home, but there is a reason that the majority of homes are listed by a professional. Selling your own home is no easy feat! However, if you are diligent and use the advice given here, it is a very real possibility.

The most crucial reality a homeowner must consider is that no matter how much better you think your house is than the neighbor's, buyers are only going to pay what it is worth. Many sellers make the mistake of listing their home at an inflated price because of their personal attachment to the property. You must bear in mind that your average buyer is educated about the current real estate market, and just as you are looking for the best sale price for your home, they are looking for a fair price as well. So how do you ensure that you are pricing your home appropriately?

Start by researching recent home sales in your neighborhood. Make sure that your comparisons are made with sales that have taken place within the past three years, and that the homes are of similar square footage and features. Be certain to take into account the current listings as well. Often homeowners will make the mistake of confusing an appraisal value done for mortgage or refinancing purposes with the true market value of their home. Make sure that if you decide to employ a valuation specialist to assist you in determining the listing price for your home, that you are clear with them as to the purpose of their appraisal.

Once you have determined an appropriate listing price, it's time to market your home. Realtors have access to multiple listing services which keep them connected to buyer's agents and give them an edge on generating qualified traffic. So how do you compete?

It's imperative that you streamline your advertising efforts. Who are the recent buyers in your area? Where are they moving from? This is the audience that you want to target. Most buyers today are researching homes online before visiting them. There are several sites designed to help homeowners who are selling their own homes. Take advantage of your competitor's marketing as well. Try to host open houses during the times that neighbors are doing theirs - if people are already in the neighborhood to look at one house, they will certainly stop to see yours.

Remember, your home is a showcase for buyers. If you want a quick sale, cleanliness is key. Take the time to apply a fresh coat of paint and remove all clutter. Buyers want to know that the home they are purchasing is spacious and well taken care of.

Selling your own home can be a lot of work, but by taking the right steps, it can bring immense rewards!

By Yvette Quigley