Living Room Furniture

Pieces to suit any style

The living room just may be the most important room in the house. It's the room where the family comes together to watch television or play games, the room where friends and family sit during visits, and the room where the kids hang out with their friends. When it comes time to give that room a makeover, some of us may be a little clueless. The secret is to find pieces that last and fit in with your personal style or taste.

Designers will tell clients to pick a trend or theme, and use that for all the pieces in the room. While this is a good option for some, others may like to mix it up a little by combining a large number of pieces from different styles. If you truly want to give your living room a makeover, you should look for pieces that you like, which will last a long time.

Modern Living Room Furniture

Modern living room furniture is one option that is making a comeback. Modern pieces are characterized by sharp, clean lines and bright colors. Eames is one of the most famous designers from the original movement, but not everyone can afford to buy one of his original pieces today. Luckily though, there are current designers making similar pieces for a fraction of the cost. Even Wal-Mart and Target have pieces that look modern, but cost much less.

Cheap Living Room Furniture

Cheap living room furniture isn't a bad thing. Think of IKEA, with its couches and chairs that are gorgeous and comfortable, but far less expensive than what you would find in larger stores. You can also find cheap living room furniture at Wal-Mart, Target and even some grocery stores! Consider making a visit to your local thrift store or flea market as well.

Leather Living Room Furniture

Leather living room furniture is something nearly everyone loves because it is quite durable. However, if you have children you may want to look at other options, or have the pieces stain-guarded before bringing them home. Leather chairs and sofas can fit nearly every type of style, from traditional to contemporary.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Contemporary living room furniture can be found at stores like IKEA. These pieces have a cleaner design with bright colors or bold geometric shapes. Since this style doesn't fit with everyone, consider buying one or two pieces first to see how they fit with your home, before making a larger commitment.

Country Living Room Furniture

Country living room furniture is characterized by a down-home feel. Think about overstuffed couches, flowery prints, plaids, reds and blues. Country living room furniture often uses lighter-colored woods as well. It isn't limited to real country homes either – it feels just as right in a city setting.

Living Room Furniture Sets

Living room furniture sets are a great choice for anyone who wants a complete living room makeover. You can choose the pieces to make the set as big or as small as you like. Most sets come with a couch, two chairs, a coffee table and two end tables. You can then add on more furniture, a television cabinet, lamps or anything else you want to create an entire living room.

There are dozens of ways to change the look of your living room. All you need to do is look for pieces that are built to last and match your style.

By Jennifer Eblin