Home Pest Control

Great pest control home remedies

Home pest control is a challenge for all home owners, especially during the spring and fall, when all the little critters are coming out from a winter's hibernation or seeking a place to stay warm once the snow flies.

While it's virtually impossible to prevent all pests from getting into your home, there are many pest control home remedies that can keep them at bay and out of your hair.

Many people, particularly those with pets and children, are concerned about safe home pest control. They are hesitant to use store bought pest control products that contain chemicals that can harm not only the pests they're meant to kill, but also little ones whose fingers or paws might get contaminated and then make their way into little mouths.

You can certainly find great home pest control solutions, without worrying about the safety of your loved ones.

Natural Pest Control Home Remedies

Many people waging the war against bugs have adopted natural pest control home remedies. The product you choose to use will depend on the pest you're trying to fight.

A good first step may be to grow certain plants around the outside of your home. There are plants that work quite well to keep pests at bay, including spearmint and pennyroyal. If you still find pests invading your space, use products as barriers. There are some things, including fruits and products you may find around your own home, which can discourage bugs from crawling your way.

As an example, cucumber peels spread around areas where you find ants is a good way to keep the six legged guests out. Garlic, pepper, cinnamon, powder and chalk all work to repel different types of insects. You may have to try a few before you find the one that works best for your particular problem.

What If I Can't Keep Them Away?

If you can't keep the pesky pests away, trap them. Fly traps, including fly paper and fly strips, can take care of unwanted winged visitors. Ant traps can help you get rid of the creepy crawlies. However, make sure that you're not purchasing traps that are laced with poison or chemicals, which would totally defeat your efforts to go natural.