Home Lighting

Lighting fixtures and home decorative lighting for every room

When it comes time to pick the right lighting, you will be faced with hundreds of options, maybe even thousands. Take a trip through any home improvement store, and you'll find ceiling fans, floor lamps, desk lamps, ceiling lights, and a whole lot more. When you decide that it's time to upgrade the lighting for your house, we've got lighting tips for every room that will help make your decision easier.


It's all but impossible to use desk lamps or floor lamps in your kitchen, so lighting fixtures and fluorescent lighting are much better choices. You're going to need lights that blend in with the overall look of the room, without getting in the way or cluttering up the decor. Lighting fixtures work well because they easily light the room without getting in the way. These lights hang from the ceiling or on the walls, and work with the use of a wall switch.


The bedroom requires less lighting, but there are still a number of options. The first choice is a lighting fixture that exists as part of a ceiling fan. This works well in both warmer climates and colder climates. The fixture will have a cord that controls the light and a separate cord to control the fan setting, with three speeds being the most popular choice. You can also find these lights with a remote control for easier control over lighting and speed settings.

Bedrooms can also benefit from floor lamps or desk lamps. A floor lamp is a taller lamp that sits directly on the floor and typically has a glass shade. The lamps usually have one single brightness setting, but are also available in three settings. A desk lamp is sometimes known as a bedside or reading light. These lights are typically smaller, fitting easily on a bedside table for use at night.

Living Room

In a living room, the most popular lighting choice is the previously mentioned floor lamp, but accent table lamps are also a great choice. These lamps are designed to sit directly on a side table and have either one or three settings so you can choose your desired amount of light. They are available in a number of different styles, designs and colors to fit any d├ęcor, and even a variety of interesting materials, such as wood, glass and plastic.


Bathroom lighting is often more decorative in nature since the room is small and a single ceiling fixture often does the trick. Lighting that hangs from the ceiling, such as track lighting or lighting around the vanity are great choices for detailed lighting. These lights can be large round bulbs that do not require any covering, or light bulbs that are covered by decorative glass pieces.

Interior home lighting ranges from the expensive designer pieces to discount lighting fixtures that can be found in home improvement stores. Take some time to weigh cost and design, and scout out as many options as possible. With a little time and research, you're sure to find the perfect piece for each room in your home - and then you can move your project outside, with great outdoor lighting!

By Jennifer Eblin