Gardeners Gifts

Top picks

Can't stand to buy your favorite gardener another trowel? Here's a top 10 list of unique gift ideas that are sure to please any gardener!

  1. Gardening Clogs. Clogs designed especially for working in the garden, they are made of a durable plastic or rubberized material. Hose them off and shake them nearly dry. They slip on and off easily. $7.
  2. A best quality pruning tool. All gardeners are constantly trimming their plants, vines, and trees. A pruning tool with a gel handle that is well constructed is a real necessity. $5.
  3. Gardening gloves. What gardener doesn't need sturdy, yet pliable gardening gloves? They protect hands from briers and ant bites, but allow the gardener to grasp plants firmly, or dig in the dirt without destroying fingernails. They are a basic, but important supply. $3.
  1. Gel Garden Kneelers. What a wonderful invention! These saucer-shaped gel-filled pockets are great protection for knees. And they rinse off with the hose. With the handy carry handle near the top edge, the gardener just grabs and goes. $36.
  2. Hand rake. Made to work like a large rake, only smaller, it comes in very handy when down on knees working close to plants. This is one tool your gardener may not have. $12.
  3. Diagonal Twig Trellis. Now here's a gift that all gardeners would love to have. The twig trellis provides needed support to smaller, bushy plants. In fact, it can even be used as a growing trellis for tomato plants. Or, taken apart (it's in 3 pieces), each triangle-shaped trellis can be used separately. $28.
    • Weed Hound. Weeds got your gardener down? Literally? Then, this is a great gift idea. From a standing position, weeds can be extracted using this tool. A gardener can simply carry the Weed Hound while walking around the yard, pulling out weeds as he or she sees them. $25.
    • Spheres. Ranging from glass, to metal, to concrete, gardening spheres are an artsy addition to any garden. Having various textures and finishes, they bring beauty and character when displayed among the plants. $5.
    • Marta Farris' Little Red Dress. Yes, that's right, a dress for the garden. Made of metal, this is a very unusual art piece to have amongst the bushes and flowers. Meant to be hung from a branch, it has a windblown look to it. It is lovely - a bit of whimsy, the Little Red Dress is a kitschy piece for the gardener who has everything. $78.
    • Garden-opoly. If you buy this gift for your gardener, you will definitely win the prize for most unusual gardening gift. A board game played like Monopoly, players use a wheelbarrow or gnome for markers as they move around the board. This gift ensures your gardener will get some well-deserved time off his or her feet to enjoy a game with friends or family. $15.

By Rita Chaney