Deck Cleaning

Tips for deck maintenance

Whether it's surrounding your pool or is part of your patio, your deck needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good. Since the deck is so exposed to the elements, you need to pay attention to the wear and tear it suffers. It's not easy to battle Mother Nature, especially in areas with fluctuating seasons that can pile rain, wind, snow and harsh sun on your deck. Proper deck cleaning will increase the life span of your deck and will keep it looking great, year after year.

A clean deck is a great place to entertain your friends!

Important Deck Maintenance Steps

The first step in deck maintenance is deck coating. Depending on the climate in which you live, deck coating may need to be done once or twice every year. If your climate is dry, wood can crack; if your climate is wet, wood can mould and rot. Even if your climate is sunny, your deck can fade and wear. In order to keep your deck looking its best, you should restain and coat as much as your particular climate calls for.

A clear deck coating may require more frequent application than a darker stain, since wear and tear is more easily visible through the clear coating.

Regular deck cleaning is another important part of deck maintenance. A deck cleaner solution, which can be as simple as warm, soapy water, should be used regularly, particularly in high traffic areas and during peak deck use season. However, don't forget your deck cleaner just because the weather has turned and you're not using it as much. Even in the fall, take the time to wash off your deck so that it's not always being exposed to dirt and debris.

Is Deck Pressure Washing The Right Choice?

A lot of people think deck pressure washing is the easiest way to go. However, there can be a real trick to using the pressure washer on the deck without causing damage. Some pressure washers have the power to actually strip off stains and coats, or even some of the wood beneath.

The safest way to clean your deck is to go at it with a sponge or a mop soaked in soapy water, rinsing with a regular garden hose. However, if you insist on pulling out the big guns, use your pressure washer with caution and stop and inspect frequently to make sure you're not causing any damage to your deck.