Cleaning Service

Reliable help with your housework

There are a number of different house cleaning service options out there for homeowners. It really depends on exactly what you need. Do you want someone who offers daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning? Or do you need only one specific area of the house cleaned? The way you answered those questions determines exactly what type of house cleaning service is right for you.

Maid Service

Let's start with maid service because that is what most people think of when they consider house cleaning services. A maid service sends someone directly to your house to give a light cleaning to all areas, or to one specific area. The price of this service depends on how often the maid comes, and what they need to do.

Some conditions may apply on the service, depending on the company. For example, there are certain companies that do not allow their maids to clean private areas such as the bedroom or do window washing or laundry. Others may be able to do all areas of the house.

Specialized Cleaners

If there is one specific area or item that needs to be cleaned, you're better off looking for a company that specializes in that area. Carpet cleaning services, for example, can clean one specific area of the house or clean all the carpeting in the house. The price of this service typically depends on the amount of carpet or the number of rooms to be cleaned.

Window cleaning services are another option for specific cleaning. A window washer will come to the house specifically to wash the windows. This is a good choice for those with a large number of windows in their house, or multiple floors that make it difficult to clean without any help. A professional window washing service bases their price on the number of windows in the house.

Residential cleaning services and home cleaning services are no longer solely for the wealthy. More and more families are beginning to utilize professional cleaning services to make their own lives a little easier. Most cleaning service price options can be quite affordable, depending on the type of service provided and the amount of work needed. The best thing to do is call different services in your area and ask for prices. You might be surprised at how easily you could afford to make your house cleaning chores just a little lighter!

By Jennifer Eblin