Chimney Cleaning

Find the right chimney cleaning supplies

Chimney cleaning is an important job that needs to be done at a minimum of twice a year. You should do a good chimney clean at least twice a year, particularly if you're in an area where use of the chimney is seasonal. In places where the chimney is used during the winter and dormant in the summer, you should always make sure to get out the chimney brush before you start your first fire of the year and after you've put out the last fire of the year.

It's quite easy to break out the chimney cleaning supplies and do the job yourself. However, if you've never done it before or are unsure of how to get the job done, you may want to hire a chimney service, at least for the first job. Chimney cleaning is vital in order to prevent fires and, as such, needs to be done properly.

How to Do the Chimney Sweep

If you're ready to attempt the chimney sweep on your own, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

First, cover the fireplace or stove opening into your home to prevent the spread of soot. Second, use a chimney sweep, typically approaching the job from the top of the chimney, to brush loose any built up debris within the chimney. Finally, make sure to clean all the loosened debris from the fireplace or stove, to avoid a fire hazard.

If you're cleaning your chimney at the end of the season, you may wish to first burn a chimney cleaning log, which can help loosen the soot within the chimney. However, if you're chimney cleaning at the beginning of the season, you shouldn't burn anything in the fireplace or stove until you've taken a sweep to the chimney and know there aren't any animals or fire hazards within it.

Calling the Chimney Cleaners

If you're not comfortable chimney cleaning on your own, don't be hesitant to call in the chimney cleaners. Chimney cleaners are experience professionals who are able to quickly and efficiently clear out your chimney and can guarantee you against fire hazards.

Find a chimney cleaner that comes well recommended. Ask for references and always check with the better business bureau in your area to make sure that there have been no complaints registered against the chimney cleaning service.