Quality bedding at affordable prices

Who wouldn't want the kind of luxury bedroom usually found inside the pages of a magazine; the kind of bedroom where everything is color-coordinated and the sheets are so soft and smooth that you can imagine lying in bed for days at a time. Believe it or not, this kind of bedroom is completely attainable, even for those on a budget.

Designer Bedding

Designer bedding is one of the first places to start. With designers such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren making comforters, sheets and even pillows, it's easy to track down the pieces. The hard part is finding designer bedding at discount prices. You can wait for the pieces to turn up on sale, and maybe save 10 percent off those high prices. Or you can try scouring thrift stores, eBay and flea markets to uncover a set of used bedding for a little less. If none of those options sound good to you, consider looking at a bedding outlet.

Bedding Outlet Stores

Bedding outlet stores are scattered throughout the country, and many have great prices on designer bedding. These stores can sell the pieces at greatly reduced prices because the items may be store returns, or they can be "seconds." An item is considered a "second" when there is something slightly wrong with it. One side may be an eighth of an inch too short, or there may be a loose thread. Don't let those worries stop you. You can easily save 50 percent off the retail price by choosing an item with even a tiny flaw.

Bedding outlets also sell bedding from previous seasons; once the retail stores stock a new style, fabric or design, the old ones move to the outlet stores. If you're willing to go with last season's design, you can save lots of money on discount bedding.

Kids Bedding

You may also be looking for kids bedding such as crib bedding or other types of baby bedding. In this case, your best option is to hit a thrift store that caters towards children. Baby bedding, crib bedding and kids bedding is typically only used for a few short years, if that. Kids' tastes change even faster than adults, and when the child moves on, you have the chance at some great discount bedding.

Another great option for luxury kids bedding is to host a swap party with friends and neighbors. Everyone can bring over their bedding, clothes and toys and then buy or trade as they see fit. You might find the perfect crib bedding for only a few dollars, or manage a trade for some old toys from your first child.

Using these tips, you can find excellent luxury bedding for a fraction of the cost, no matter what your budget.

By Jennifer Eblin