Bathroom Fixtures

Ah, the bathroom. That little room in our house where we tend to spend a large amount time – aside from obvious reasons, there's getting ready in the morning, taking showers and preparing for that big night out. How many times have we stood in that room and wondered about making a few changes? Well those changes can be right around the corner.

Fixtures and Faucets

Bathroom light fixtures are a great way to update the look of the bathroom without breaking the bank. These lights typically screw into the ceiling and work by a switch near the door. You can find small ceiling fanlights designed for bathrooms as well, or you can add lights around or on top of the vanity mirror for a little extra lighting in the room. Bathroom light fixtures come in every style, from globe to chandelier and clear to etched glass.

Bathroom faucets are another easy way to change the look of the room. They're available in cheaper options for those on a budget, but beware of going too cheap. You may find you spend more on replacement faucets than you would have on one high-quality piece. You can find faucets on any budget in a variety of finishes, including elegant gold plated designs or basic aluminum, which is durable and easy to clean.

Blast From the Past Bathroom Fixtures

Those with an eye to the past can try antique bathroom fixtures. These are not necessarily authentically old, but can be made to look old while still having all the modern amenities.

Vintage bathroom fixtures are perfect for those who don't mind reusing old fixtures. They can be found through salvage companies and online, but also at flea markets and thrift stores. You can find faucets, fixtures and even bathroom furniture in vintage style to create an entire look for your bathroom remodel. Depending on where you shop, it can be an easy way to save some money as well.

Bathroom Fixtures on a Budget

Discount bathroom fixtures are what most people look for when changing or updating their bathroom's decor. Discount bathroom fixtures can be found in dozens of locations, from mass merchandise stores to secondhand stores. You may also find great deals by looking into liquidation stores or wholesale stores. These stores buy merchandise that was once on the shelves in major shops and pass along their savings to the customer.

The best bathroom fixtures are quite simply what you find and what you like. While some people may need marble tile, gold-plated faucets and a chandelier on the ceiling, others are happy with vintage fixtures found at a local flea market. No one can decide what is best because everyone has something they love, so choose a quality item you trust in your favorite style to complete your bathroom design.

By Jennifer Eblin