Womens Sexual Health

Womens Sexual Health

Tips and tricks for a healthy, active sex life

Practically any woman can have a healthy, happy sex life with a little bit of ingenuity. It may take a bit of work in the beginning, but the rewards can far outweigh any effort that needs to be put into it. Here are a few tips:

Get Back to Basics

If you've been married or in a long-term relationship for some time now, think back to the beginning when you were dating. Did you get excited just thinking about your beloved? Did you get yourself all dolled up for him? Did you put on sexy underwear? Wear special perfume that you knew turned him on, placed in a few strategic spots? I'm here to tell you that if it worked in the beginning, it would most certainly work now. So, give any or all of the above a try and see what happens!

Boost Your Ego

Good self-esteem is a must. If you don't feel sexy, then you won't act sexy. Remember, the brain is the biggest sex organ we have. If you are out of shape, start exercising and dieting. You may not see results immediately, but with some effort, you will. Recently, I dropped a few pounds and firmed up in some areas, and my husband has been quite pleased with the results. And the exercise is going to help in other ways, such as increased endorphins, energy and stamina. You can also throw in some yoga or Pilates - these can increase your flexibility, adding some extra benefits in the bedroom too!

Put Your Relationship First (Once in a While!)

Remember to make your relationship a priority. This can be difficult for a busy woman of the 21st century. With kids, work, school, volunteering, chores - you name it, we do it. We usually don't even have time to pamper ourselves, let alone get all revved up for the hubby. That's why you need to be a bit creative at times. Whenever possible, take a short trip alone with your significant other. A night away at a hotel (whirlpool suites are amazing!) can add spice back into your love life. If that isn't feasible, send the kids to Grandma's or trade with another couple. We have weekends, once a month, where we trade kids with my sister-in-law. One night kids are at our house, one night at their house. That way, we each have the opportunity for a date night and the chance to get frisky where ever we want.

See the Doctor

Remember that there are medical conditions that can hinder the libido. According to www.webmd.com, 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men report some degree of difficulty when it comes to sexual health. It is extremely important to have any sort of difficulties checked into, especially if stress-related factors have been ruled out. In order to have a healthy sex life, we need to be healthy both physically and mentally.

Overall, it is possible to have a happy, satisfying sex life, as long as it is made a priority and both partners are willing to stay healthy and creative.

By Rebecca Ingham