Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Which ones really work?

The news is blanketed with stories of the obesity epidemic that is gripping the nation. But with so many quick weight loss programs being advertised, how do you find a healthy weight loss program that works? Here's a look at a few of the best weight loss programs out there and how they work.

Weight Watchers

Forgive the cliche, but there is a reason why this program is so popular. It works. The Weight Watchers points method is simple and effective. This program teaches the participant about making lifestyle choices. Based on your individual analysis, you are allotted a certain number of points per day - so you can eat that piece of cheesecake, but keep in mind you might be limited to water and carrots the rest of the day.

There are several ways to participate in the Weight Watchers program. You can go it alone, get support online or attend a weekly meeting in person. If you want to go it solo you can purchase a starter kit for approximately $25 that includes a points index for major food brands and restaurant chains. However, this route requires more dedication on your part because you lose the benefits associated with a support group, such as motivation and backup, as well as weight loss success stories.

Body for Life

Often overlooked, this program has some great components for those seeking to make drastic changes. This comprehensive weight loss program outlines a workout and meal plan in the form of a challenge. When you sign up for this challenge you are basically on your own, but are well compensated with a wealth of information and resources readily available. All participants are required to log their workouts and meals in order to track their progress.

The books the company publishes, such as Body for Life, Eating for Life, Eating for Life for Women, etc., are some of the best weight loss books out there. Even if you decide not to participate in this program, the books are still highly beneficial.

The MediterrAsian Diet

Often we're leery of the word diet, but this program is so much more than that. It shows you how to look at preparing meals in a completely new way, showing you the way a different culture - a healthier culture - thinks about food. This program has more to do with changing your eating habits to create natural weight loss than with actual dieting, which is why it works. As an added resource, Fitness Rx for Women magazine publishes an article in each issue covering the MediterrAsian Diet.

Weight Loss Camps

Most weight loss programs are designed for adults, and while some can be modified for kids (under the direction and supervision of a doctor, of course), it is less likely that they will stick with it. Rather than a formal weight loss program, many parents with overweight or obese children have turned to weight loss camps to help their kids get healthy. These camps offer kids a chance to get away from their regular environments, which may be contributing to their weight issues, and focus on losing weight in a fun and healthy way with a bunch of other kids who face the same issues. Of course, most also offer traditional summer camp activities and experiences - sports, crafts, campfires, new friends and lifelong memories.

Weight loss programs are difficult to begin with, so do your research before you make a commitment. Remember, quick weight loss programs are not healthy weight loss programs - if losing weight was quick and easy we would all have super model figures! To ensure success you need time and willpower. But don't despair, there are many weight loss programs out there. Take the time to do the research and find the one that fits into your plan to give you the best chance at success. Happy hunting!

By Mary Daniel