Weight Loss Diet Pills

The facts on diet pills

Many women want a quick and easy solution to their weight loss woes. Some turn to diet pills, hoping to find some well-needed relief. But do they actually work and are they safe? Let's take a look at the facts on weight loss pills.

How do they work?

There are two main types of diet pills: prescription and over the counter. Prescription diet pills are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their side-effects are continually monitored and the pills may be prescribed for certain weight loss conditions.

Over the counter diet pills are usually classified as food supplements, and are one of the fastest growing segments of the weight loss industry. They are not regulated by the FDA, so the risks from improper usage are extremely high.

Weight loss pills claim to work in many different ways. Some will decrease your appetite so you end up eating less. Others block the absorption of dietary fat and / or reduce body fat and replace it with muscle. Yet another way the pills claim to work is by increasing the body's metabolism.

What are the risks?

The risks of prescription diet pills are similar to any other type of drug. If not used properly, accidental overdose and other health problems can occur.

More specifically, these pills can have several harmful effects on the body, such as raised blood pressure, fever, hair loss, chest pain, depression, heart damage and impotence, to name just a few. Even natural or herbal diet remedies can have unhealthy effects on the body, and have been associated with major health concerns. That's why it's important to fully discuss the risks and benefits of diet pills before starting a prescription.

Do they actually work?

Yes and no. Diet pills are not a magic solution to weight loss. When taken under the careful supervision of a doctor and when used in combination with regular exercise and a proper diet, they may be quite effective. However, the weight loss provided by the pills may only be temporary because once the body adjusts to the effects of the diet pills, the benefits can quickly fade away. The only way you can ensure a healthy weight loss is through proper lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. Whether you decide to try diet pills or not, never start taking any form of pill without discussing it with your doctor first!