Natural Weight Loss

Tips for losing weight

For most Americans, the battle of the bulge has become a war. But, there are simple and easy ways to fight off those unwanted pounds and finally put an end to your personal struggle. With most diets, one is able to lose the weight - the hardest part is keeping the pounds away for good. Making a few simple changes in your lifestyle can be the answer.

Try to not view these tips as a diet. There is a reason the word "die" rests in the word "diet." "Diet" is an ugly word that is seemingly telling you what you can and cannot have. Instead, these tips should merely be seen as a suggestion to a healthy lifestyle. Your body is a temple, and it can be molded and shaped. These simple tips can have you on your way to feeling and looking better.

Drink Water, Water and More Water!

You always heard you should drink eight glasses of water a day. Your mother was not just telling you this - she actually knew what was good for you. Water can flush out the bad toxins in your body, so it will create a better overall feeling and even give you better skin. Also, water can make you feel fuller, which is great when you're trying to reduce food intake.

Read the Labels

This little adjustment to your shopping habit can save so many calories! A lot of food and drink manufacturers have created an advertising campaign to draw in consumers. This campaign focuses on keywords such as "low-fat," "fat free" or, the new favorite, "no trans-fats." These are simply slogans to get your attention and your money. These companies do not care how much you weigh, so you must control your destiny. Look at the small print on the back, the part the manufacturers do not want you to see. Read the sugar content first, followed by fat grams, calories and ingredients. Stay away from products that list high-fructose corn syrup, enriched flour, partially hydrogenated oil and / or sugar in their ingredients. Look for ingredients that are more natural and actually sound like something you have in your house.

Get Your Body Moving

Don't make exercise something you have to do. Make a lifestyle change to move your body in the way you choose to move it. Look for activities you enjoy, like a sport or a favorite class at the gym. Do something that makes you happy. This way, it doesn't feel like such a bad experience. You may even actually look forward to doing it again. Change it up! Try different ways of moving your body until you find a combination and a schedule you are happy about. Also, this is strongly recommended for maximum weight loss in obese people. You cannot continue to do a workout that puts you in extreme physical pain. Tailor your workout to your personality and body type.

Monitor Your Portions

Start by dividing your plate into halves. One half is nothing but green vegetables. The other half is then split into half carbs and half meat. The carbs can be bread, rice or some kind of potato. Also, try to keep your meat limited to chicken, turkey or fish for the best results. Portioning is the key to not depriving yourself of everything good in life. If you are craving some potato chips, then have a handful, but do not eat the whole bag. The same principle applies to any craving - just remember moderation is key.

Don't Starve Yourself

If you are hungry, it's a sign or a message your body is sending to the brain. When you deprive your body of nutrients, you will only feel worse. DO NOT SKIP MEALS! You are not doing yourself any favors through starvation. Starvation will not increase weight loss. Your body will only hang on to the few bits of nourishment it has, causing your metabolism to slow down. Instead, eat a variety of six small meals or snacks throughout the day. Look for foods such as fish, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains because these foods actually increase your metabolism. Another lifestyle change that is vital and will increase your metabolism is eating breakfast. After your body rests, it needs energy to start the day, and breakfast is the answer. It will make you feel better to eat, and it jump-starts the metabolism to burn more calories.

Maintaining and Losing Weight is a Lifestyle

These tips are there to make you feel better. Being trim and fit feels much better than being starved and skinny. We are not all supermodels who can fit into children's sizes. We are humans. Every one of us is unique and different. Take pride in your good aspects; even if you are not happy with your weight, that doesn't change the color of your eyes or the shape of your nose. Find something beautiful about yourself every day. Don't beat yourself up because you don't look like the girl in the magazine. The fact is none of us really look like that, and those girls are a rare breed. Remember, the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe was size 16, not a size 0, and she never needed airbrushing. Be realistic and love yourself.

By R.E. Hay