Welding School

The fast track to welding jobs

Welding school provides students with the critical thinking, problem solving, and technical skills required to successfully complete many different types of welding jobs. You will learn how to serve clients, complete jobs, and work with the latest welding equipment.

There are many different independent welding schools, as well as welding programs within a variety of career colleges and institutes. Depending on the type of welding course you're looking for, as well as your previous experience in the field, you can be looking at anywhere from eight months to two years to complete a degree.

Choose a welding training institute that focuses on real-life and job-ready skills, so that you're able to confidently go directly from school to a welding career. While welding is the type of job that you're constantly learning as you go, the right training will provide you with a strong basis of skills and knowledge that will help you succeed in your career.

Where are the Welding Jobs?

Welding jobs are available throughout the world, and the training is consistent no matter where you go, so your North American welding training will easily translate into an international position, if that's the type of career move you're looking to make. From the UK to the developing world, there is always a demand for professional and experienced welders.

Job prospects continue to look up for professionally trained welders, as demand increases around the world. Some North American companies even offer great perks if you're willing to travel for your job: some offer amazing one year contracts that cover all costs of moving to and living in another country, while also providing a high salary.

Safe Use of Welding Equipment

One of the primary aspects of welding training is safety. No matter where you choose to work, issues of safety are at the fore when working with welding equipment. The job can be dangerous, and it's important that any professional welder know how to stay safe and how to deal with any emergency situation.

Make sure that any welding school you choose to attend puts safety on the first page of all their educational goals. This is important for both students and professionals, since no one is establishing or continuing in a welding career once serious injury has occurred.