Stay at Home Mom Work

Extra income for full-time caregivers

While being a stay-at-home mom is a fulltime career, sometimes it's nice to have some other work on the side. When your kids are napping, out at a friend's house or are in school, and you have your chores finished but still want to do something productive, consider working from home. It will provide you with a little extra pocket money and give you an alternative to day-to-day housework without actually leaving the house.

There are a few main types of work-from-home opportunities:

  • Sales work will have you doing paperwork and making phone calls from home on your own time, often working from a list of potential buyers - you will simply work your way down the list making your sales pitch. For parents who feel disconnected, this offers the opportunity to speak with other adults, although they may not always be receptive and you will have to deal with some rejection.
  • Administrative assistance and clerical positions often include repetitive tasks that do not require someone to physically be in the office. Many people work at data entry, where you might receive a package of paperwork at home for input into a special program or database. Other jobs entail stuffing envelopes, organizing paperwork or putting conference packages together. These tasks become tedious, but can be interrupted and completed at any time of day.
  • Customer service positions may mean telephone work, like taking technical assistance calls from frazzled customers. Sometimes your favorite websites and parenting communities also offer positions, like message board monitors or online promoters. If you already love a site, this is a logical next step. These positions likely take the fewest number of hours on a weekly basis.
  • Freelance or contract writing or design projects are out there for creative people. Maybe you have web design or artistic skills, but not the time to start your own business. This doesn't mean you can't put together a website or do some copywriting every once in a while for local companies. Because these types of projects require special skills, they often pay higher than clerical, repetitive jobs, but they also require you to spend time on self-promotion.