School Fundraiser

The top ways for kids of all ages to earn money

School fundraisers are a great way for students to earn money for something they can really look forward to. With responsible students, a good idea and a positive attitude, students can make the perfect fundraiser – and they'll forget that they're working to earn money and just simply enjoy their time!

School fundraiser ideas vary according to the age group of the students. There are plenty of school fundraiser orders online to choose from to get them started, and after they've chosen one, the rest is a piece of cake!

Elementary School Fundraiser

Elementary school fundraisers can be a bit challenging because the students are younger and may need adults to assist them in certain activities. Some great ideas for these young ones include:

  • Bake sales
  • Book sales
  • Toy or craft sales
  • Coin drive
  • Movie day

In the sales mentioned above, the students can empty a classroom and organize little stations in them. In each station, they can set whatever they choose to sell. There can be two students at each station who can be in charge of organizing what they want to sell by category or type.

For the coin drive, students can be asked to look for coins in their homes or yards ahead of time and bring them all to school to be collected. They can be put in a large, clear container, and the students can all try to estimate how much money is in the jar. The winner can get a special prize!

For movie day, special snacks like popcorn and cotton candy can be made with the assistance of adult teachers or volunteers. Set up a projector and white screen in a large room, like the gymnasium, and let the students vote on a movie to watch on that day. Have a small entry fee and don't forget how much they'll make on selling little snack bags!

High School Fundraiser

High school fundraising often includes the same ideas, but there are a few that work better and are more enjoyable for older students. These include:

  • Auctions - Students can prepare donated items for auctions and sell them to other students.
  • Walkathons – Plot out a course with flags and notes and have students sign up pledges.
  • Carnivals – Students can man individual stations and charge a small fee for every game. Don't forget to have prizes!
  • Talent shows – Choose judges and set a stage up outside and have students perform their acts.
  • Car washes – Gather a large group, crank up the music and wash a bunch of cars on a sunny day!

All of these ideas can be done during a school year and are a sure way to earn plenty of money. Once students get started, they'll be caught up in the fun and forget that they're actually doing work. As long as they work together and are willing to put a little elbow grease into the day, any fundraiser they organize will be successful. And in the end, it will all pay off when they finally get the prize they've been working for.

By Feda Wazwaz