Religion Belief

Incorporating your faith into daily life

No matter what religion you follow, you may be lamenting the slow decline of faith in everyday life. More and more people seem to live their lives Monday to Saturday, remembering their faith only on Sunday. If you'd like to reclaim religion in your life and your family's, there are a number of easy ways to incorporate the lessons and values of your faith on a daily basis:

  • Make time for your religion. Gather for bedtime blessings and story time as a family. When preparing a meal, ensure that everything is well organized so that your family can say grace together beforehand. Set your morning alarm early to make time for quiet meditation and prayer before heading off to work each day. Incorporating these small rituals in to your life, especially with your children, will bring faith into the home.
  • Communicate with your children. Discuss with your children why you attend religious service and why Sundays are important to you. In your answers to their questions, incorporate religious readings and lessons that they can understand. You can also leave them special messages based on religious passages to encourage them to listen and look with faith in everyday life.
  • Choose your music. There are many faith-based musical groups who will fit your taste for modern music and whose lessons and morals are likely to be in line with your own. A quick Internet search brings up many lists of such artists - have a look and bring some musical faith into your home.
  • Care for each other. When you take the time to repair, build and strengthen the relationships you have in the home, such as your marriage, you make the time for more fruitful discussions and better time together. You teach your children how to get along with others and how to successfully face their own problems.

Following these suggestions is likely to lead to a calmer and happier home life, where everyone in the family can practice the values and beliefs you celebrate in church, every day.