Physical Therapy School

Rewarding physical therapy jobs

Physical therapy programs can provide students with the education required to enter an increasingly growing field of medical care. Physical therapy training equips students with the medical and social knowledge and skills required to spend every day helping people who are dealing with long term injuries.

Physical therapy jobs can be found in private practices, hospitals, doctor's offices, and health care centers throughout the country. Attending the right physical therapy school will help you gain the qualifications to find your dream job. Highly sought after and well paid, physical therapists can find work in almost any area, and be fulfilled in a career that allows you to help others and understand the medical field.

Physical Therapy Jobs

Physical therapy is a quickly growing field and job prospects are great for those who are well qualified. The pay is excellent, and you can typically choose your own hours, as physical therapists don't stick to a traditional nine-to-five schedule. You may find yourself working more often in the morning, or even in the evenings, helping people after they've finished work for the day.

Becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant

For those who aren't interested in becoming a fully licensed physical therapist, but who still wish to work in the industry, you can also study to become a physical therapy assistant. A physical therapy assistant is another rewarding medical career that offers you the chance to work with people and help them improve their health and wellness.

Physical therapy assistant programs are study intensive, but don't require the same time commitment that a full physical therapy diploma does. You can typically become a physical therapy aide without the same type of education and certification as an assistant, but the pay won't be as good, and many physical therapists prefer to hire assistants, as they have prior training and are more prepared to start work immediately. A physical therapy aide tends to learn on the job, which may create more work for the physical therapist at the beginning.

You can complete physical therapy assistant programs online and on a part-time basis, so it's probably worth the extra time to get certified. It will open up more doors for you and will also provide you with a better starting salary.