Paramedic School

Where will paramedic training take you?

Paramedic school can lead you into one of the most exciting medical careers imaginable. Emergency medical services are on the front line of any type of medical crisis, from accidents and natural disasters to illness outbreaks. A paramedic education will truly prepare you to become a hero.

Paramedic training is one of the most important fields in medical education, as it is these students who are sent out to deal with trauma as it occurs. Paramedics must have quick reactions, well established critical thinking skills, and the ability to provide leadership and a sense of calm during emergencies.

Paramedics may work in an emergency room in a hospital, with the fire department, or even as police officers. You may find an EMS working in medical clinics, as well.

Paramedic Jobs

A paramedic and an EMS (Emergency Medical Service) is not the same thing. A paramedic has additional training beyond that of an EMS. In fact, you have to have been an EMS for several months in order to be accepted into most paramedic training programs.

However, paramedic jobs also involve EMS, so if you're not interested in pursuing the higher degree, it doesn't rule you out of your dream job.

Paramedics have to be quick on their feet and able to make clear decisions in an instant. As the first responders to emergencies both big and small, paramedics make life and death choices every day. They need to be able to quickly assess a situation and figure out what needs to be done, prioritizing people and patients' individual needs as they go along.

EMS Jobs

EMS jobs are just as important and as exciting as paramedic jobs; however, many EMS workers will have to work with paramedics when it comes to important medical decisions. The difference between an EMS and a paramedic is simply the medical knowledge involved in the job. Paramedics spend more time learning about providing medical care, while EMS workers focus more on dealing with emergency situations.

EMS workers are prepared to address emergency situations on the front line, and typically work with fire departments or paramedics. An EMS may also work emergency dispatch, providing first contact for people involved in emergency situations.