Paralegal School

The benefits of paralegal training

Studying to become a lawyer is a time consuming and expensive task. If you love the idea of working in the legal field but aren't prepared to commit to law school, paralegal school is the place for you. Your paralegal studies can help you create an exciting career that allows you to help others and be an involved member of the community.

The time involved in getting your paralegal training depends mainly on your previous education and experience. You can get a paralegal certificate in a one year program, but most employers expect this to be supported with a Bachelor's degree in legal studies or another relatable field. Without a Bachelor's degree, you can pursue a paralegal degree, which can take two to three years to complete. However, if you have practical experience in a law firm and can demonstrate previous knowledge and skill, you may be able to obtain a good position with only a paralegal certificate.

Online Paralegal Degree

There are several different online paralegal degree options available. Some schools only exist online and will not require any in-person study. Other schools offer some of their paralegal courses online but remain primarily an in-person institute of study. Which course of study you choose will depend on your type of learning abilities, your schedule, and your choice of school.

Online learning requires a lot of independent study and is very much based in self-instruction through reading. If your learning style is more interactive, or if you learn better by hearing information rather than reading it, you may choose an in-person option over an online paralegal degree.

A student who wishes to continue to work full or part-time during study may have a tight schedule; therefore, an online option, whether for the entire degree or for only some of the courses, may be more convenient. With online study, you can generally pick the time when you study.

If your choice of a paralegal program is based on a particular school, you have to be more flexible as to whether you study online or in-person. Some schools may have limited online options, while other will be more accommodating. If you've decided on a particular school, all you can do is take what they offer.

Paralegal Careers

Paralegal careers provide you with variety and new, interesting experiences every day. While you don't have all the same qualifications as a lawyer, there are many different types of legal assistance you can provide to your clients. Many people will seek out a paralegal for uncomplicated legal proceedings, such as writing a will, since it's less expensive than seeing a lawyer. No matter what you do during the day, you will find yourself rewarded by helping others.