Internet Dating

Internet Dating

Love is just a click away

Online dating has become very popular because it's easy, you don't have to be outgoing and it eliminates the jitters of approaching potential love interests face to face. Internet dating allows singles to flirt anonymously with as many people they desire. It also gives singles the ability to seek out others with similar interests and learn things about them before beginning to chat.

There are only a few downfalls when looking for love online, most of which you can easily avoid:

  • Dishonesty: Some people aren't truthful about themselves in their online dating profiles, and / or post false photos in attempts to seem more appealing. One way to avoid these people is to follow this rule - if the profile looks too good to be true then it probably is, so keep looking. Naturally, with the accessibility and anonymous nature of the Internet, online dating sites do attract some undesirable characters.
  • Lacking personal touch: Internet dating starts out as typing, so you don't get to see the person you're corresponding with. This can become a problem when daters establish a certain expectation of how their date will act in person - you may be disappointed when the person is not as you expected. Also, daters might develop a relationship on the Internet but not have the same chemistry in person. A way to avoid disappointment and save time is by meeting the person within the first couple weeks of developing a relationship online. If the chemistry isn't there in person, a friendship can still flourish.
  • Costs: Internet dating can be costly. Daters can opt to use free online dating services but may find that the daters are not as serious about Internet dating as the ones who purchase memberships for paid sites. Daters can choose to use one paid Internet dating site while also using the free dating sites. Popular paid online dating sites include Lavalife and eHarmony. Plenty of Fish is a popular free Internet dating site.

The downfalls of Internet dating are minimal, and are easy to avoid when you're aware. Millions of people find love online every day, and so can you - just be smart and go in with both eyes open.