Interior Design School

Embarking on a career in interior design

A career in interior design can take you to all kinds of places, from the Hollywood hills to a quaint coastal village. An interior design education is completely portable: there are always people looking for help in putting together their interior spaces or designing a really cool room.

A good interior design school will introduce students to the basics of color and spatial design, and also allow students to specialize in the type of interior design they wish to pursue. Some specializations may include residential, commercial, and special event interior design.

Specialization is important for students who want to pursue a particular area in interior design, and is especially vital for students who are planning to open their own business. However, your interior design program must first give you a firm footing in the basics. This will allow you to build on your knowledge as you embark on your specialized training. When selecting a program, you should be looking at both aspects of specialization and of basic training, in order to ensure that you're getting the most well-rounded interior design education you can find.

Getting an Interior Design Degree

Getting an interior design degree is an important step for anyone who is pursuing a career in interior design. While some firms may hire students willing to learn on the job, most prefer job candidates who have an education from an accredited institution. While many aspects of interior design are best learned through experience, having a strong standing in the theoretical practice of design will make you a quick learner when it comes to real life learning. Interior design firms are looking for new employees who are able to quickly learn the ropes and provide stellar results for their clients.

If you're planning on opening your own interior design business, getting an interior design degree is an absolute must. Your potential clients will research your qualifications before agreeing to let you loose on their interior space, so you need to have good references and a solid educational background. Graduating from an interior design program will tell potential clients that you have the education required to do a good job, and you may also find many networking opportunities throughout your studies, which will also provide you with references for future employment opportunities.

Completing an Interior Design Degree Online

Several colleges offer students the chance to complete an interior design degree online. Some schools even provide complete Bachelor degree programs online, allowing you to study at your own pace and as your schedule allows.

Online interior design programs are great for people who are already working in the field and wish to increase their earning potential with additional educational credits.