Flight School

Where to find the best pilot training

What could be more exciting than the life of a pilot? Whether you're a corporate flight pilot or a private helicopter pilot, your days will be filled with the excitement of flying and the beauty of soaring the skies. However, it's also a job filled with responsibility, as you're tasked with taking care of each and every one of your passengers, making sure they make it through their flight safely. And when it comes to an emergency, you want to be the pilot everyone remembers as heroically landing the flight, rather than tragically going down with the aircraft.

Good pilot training is what makes the hero. Your time in flight school is your chance to learn everything you need to know to ensure every flight makes its destination. When it comes to a career as a pilot, the right flight training school can mean the difference between life and death.

Prepare for Pilot School

There are some basic requirements that must be met to qualify for any pilot school. While almost anyone would love to attend flight school, only a select few are chosen. The things that most admissions committees look at include previous flight experience and the number of flying hours you possess, your physical health record, and your ability to travel internationally, including possession of a passport and a clean criminal record.

While every pilot school is very straight forward about their consideration of these aspects, other things they're looking for might not be so obvious. Many flight schools require letters of reference and background checks before they grant admission. This is because of the level of responsibility found in the profession. Since you will literally be holding the lives of others in your hands, pilot school admissions insist on allowing in only students who have a reputation for reliability and responsibility. They will check your previous educational records for indications of how committed you are to your studies and how self-motivated you are. They will check references in order to get a sense of the type of person you are and whether you're able to handle a position in the industry.

Helicopter Flight School

Helicopter flight school has the same admission requirements as any other pilot school. Just as the pilot of a plane, a helicopter pilot is responsible for the lives and safety of his or her passengers. While a helicopter pilot will have a smaller passenger load than a plane pilot, the level of responsibility is no different.