Fashion Design School

Pursuing the dream of a fashion design career

Becoming a fashion designer is a big dream: there are lots of opportunities in the field, but it's a competitive arena where you will often find you need to know the right people to really get ahead. The first step to getting to know the right people is attending the right fashion design school.

Fashion design schools are a hothouse for up-and-coming talent, as well as established names in the business. New students are always pushing the envelope to become the next big name, while today's big names enjoy working with new talent and providing inspiration for the next generation.

A fashion design career can take you all over the world, working in fashion houses, on movie sets, or even on your own design line.

Choosing a Fashion Design Program

There are many different areas to specialize in once you've decided to pursue a fashion design program. When you're selecting an institution, it's important that you look at the school's reputation and student success rate, as well as the particulars of the program. You want to ensure that the instructors are experienced in the area of fashion in which you wish to work, and you also want to make sure that the student body is able to provide you with a community of both support and challenge.

A good fashion design college will not only focus on the educational aspects of your degree, but on the importance of networking and the opportunity to get your name out in the field. A school that offers students opportunities for co-op or real world experience will help you gain invaluable on-the-job knowledge. A fashion design college that holds well-known events to showcase students' work is also great, since it gives you the chance to get your style known.

Graduating from a Fashion Design Program

The best fashion design colleges will also provide students with support after graduation. Providing students with mentors, offering job fairs or career development assistance, and supporting students as they embark on their careers should all be features of your program of choice.

Once you have your degree in hand, there are tons of opportunities for you to pursue your passion. There are literally thousands of job to which you can apply your degree. However, keep in mind that there's lots of stiff competition for these great jobs, so it's important to choose the right fashion design school.