Electrician School

Finding great electrician jobs

Electrician jobs are always in high demand and it's a career that will provide you with lifelong employment opportunities. Wherever there is a home, business, or building that uses electricity, there is the need for a well-trained electrician!

The electrician school you choose will depend on the type of career you wish to pursue. There are a variety of electrician training programs, and each focuses on a particular branch of the industry. However, regardless of the type of electrical field you choose, any school you attend should provide you with lots of electrician apprenticeship opportunities.

The apprenticeship is truly the most important part of your program. It's here that you get the real life experience you need to be able to best provide service to your customers.

Your Electrician Training

Depending on the type of electrician training you pursue, you could spend anywhere from eight months to two years in school, followed by your apprenticeship. However, since the electrician industry is expected to grow so greatly in the next decade, you can be assured that no matter how long you have to spend in electrician school to complete your degree, there will be work waiting for you on the other side.

Electrician jobs are some of the highest paying technical jobs in the country. You can expect to make well over $20 an hour, and in some states, you may even find the average wage to be above $30 an hour. That makes your electrician training well worth the money you will have to invest upfront in order to go to school.

A great way to ensure that you're at the top of the pay scale is to continue your education throughout your career, always keeping your eye out for a useful electrician course that may introduce you to new skills or technology. Since many electricians are self-employed, you can use your continued education to attract new clients with a guarantee that you're up-to-date with the latest techniques.

Your Electrician Apprenticeship

Your electrician apprenticeship is the most important step in your education. It allows you to put into practice all the skills and techniques you learned about throughout your course work. It also introduces you to on-the-job training, familiarizing you with the types of critical thinking and problem solving skills that are necessary for a successful electrician career.