Bartending School

Training for the best bartending jobs

Bartending school is an important step for anyone interested in working in the hospitality industry. While becoming a server can be a little easier, completing a bartending certificate can open doors to some of the most exciting and well-paid bartending jobs in the world.

Bartending college offers students a variety of classes that can help you develop your skills in all aspects of the job. You'll spend time studying mixology, which will show you how to mix the best tasting drinks and make them look good. You'll have a course in serving, which will show you how to best serve particular types of drinks, such as how to pour wine and champagne, and how to choose the right glassware for your drinks. You'll also take courses in customer service and alcohol licensing, which will teach you how to keep your clients happy, while also watching for signs of intoxication or dangerous drinking, in order to also keep them safe.

Serving alcohol is regulated by the government, which means that everyone involved in it has to be aware of the rules that surround it. Attending bartending classes will guarantee that you're prepared to satisfy your customers and your employers on any bartending job.

Attending Bartending School Online

Students can also receive training and licensing by attending bartending school online. However, you should be aware that most of the top bartending colleges actually teach you in real serving situations and offer many work-term options, such as co-ops or apprenticeships.

Many students find that the basics of bartending can easily be covered online. Learning different recipes and different serving techniques can be studied independently, often by watching videos and practicing at home. However, the real nitty-gritty of bartending -- dealing with customers at varying degrees of intoxication, working with real bottles and liquids, and making a customer's experience a good one -- are best learned by experience.

How Can You Get Bartending Jobs?

A good educational background with real-life experience is the best way to get into high-paid and exciting bartending jobs. Some companies may not be as stringent in their hiring practices, but all require that their bartenders have a serving license.

Set your application apart from the crowd by attending a good bartending school and taking advantage of any on-the-job training opportunities you may come across.