Video Cables

Types of Video Cables

When purchasing a new and technologically advanced television, such as an HDTV, selecting the proper audio and video cables is an integral part to increase the media viewing experience. However, with so many types of cables available, choosing the one that is right for your television can seem a daunting task. Not only do you have to ensure you choose the correct cables for your television and for additional systems (such as DVD players, video game consoles, or surround sound systems), but you want to choose cables which will enhance your television watching experience as well.

There are many types of video cables, but the most commonly used include HDMI, coaxial, composite, s-video, digital video cables, and component cables. Each cable has its own uses and levels of quality.

HDMI Cables

High definition multimedia interface cables, or HDMI cables, are used when utilizing high definition televisions and media. These cables retain a higher quality video when converting from analog to digital. HDMI cables are also extremely versatile and can be used with most media, including HDTVs, video game consoles, cable and satellite systems, and home theater systems. They also offer excellent audio capabilities. High quality HDMI cables can yield better signal transfer and can reject interference, and research on the different metals available (such as copper and silver) within these cables can aide in shopping for the right one.

Component video cables

Oftentimes HDMI isn't an option available, and rather, component video cables need to be used. Component cables are split into three different connections, typically a video, left audio, and right audio cable. This type of cable is commonly used with certain DVD players, Blu-ray players, high-definition televisions, and cable or satellite boxes. It is important to find component cables with good quality copper conductors and a tight, secure fit to ensure a good signal.

Purchasing video cables

When buying video cables, you want to be careful not to buy an expensive cable that can be found for much cheaper elsewhere. Oftentimes electronics retailers will inflate the price of video cables while you purchase a television or other system, due to the necessity of the cables. In actuality, discount video cables are available through many online retailers instead. Additionally, you can research and possibly purchase a video cable adaptor which allows you to use a certain type of cable with a different type of output, essentially converting one to the other.