Vacation Ideas

Holidays for everyone

It's that time of year again. You're looking forward to your well-deserved vacation, but you've got no idea where to go. Here are some helpful suggestions.


A Hawaii vacation is perfect for any couple who wants to bring some romance into their relationship. You can get a complete vacation package to Hawaii for less than $3,000, including airfare, hotel, car rental and activities. Some Hawaiian vacation packages include a visit to a luau for a night of feasting and cultural dancing.

Niagara Falls

A great vacation spot for a honeymoon would be Niagara Falls, New York. Several hotels offer vacation packages to honeymooners, which include historic treasures, a beautiful sunset cruise on the Maid of the Mist as well as other attractions. Several of these vacation packages also include wine tasting as several vineyards are nearby. Depending on the season, a nice week-long say at a hotel will cost you $400, and a cruise on the Maid of the Mist will cost you around $40.

Skiing in Colorado

You can have a nice romantic or family ski vacation in Vail, Colorado. After a long, fun-filled day, you can relax near a fireplace in one of the many ski lodges. Ski packages vary widely, depending on the travel agent, but you can find travel deals online. Some family ski vacations will cost you a few hundred for a week; ski lift tickets will only cost about $35 a day at most lifts.

Disney World

A wonderful family vacation can be had at Disney World – but it will be very expensive, as with many of the bigger theme parks. No doubt they are fun-filled vacations, but they can cost upwards of $5,000 for a complete package. If money were no object, a family vacation to Disney World or Disneyland would be perfect. These designed vacation packages have all family members in mind.

A Chocolate Tour

In Hershey Pennsylvania, you can tour the historic areas of downtown, where streetlights are designed as chocolate kisses and the streets have candy bar names. A vacation package here would most likely include a few days' passes to Hershey Park, where you can tour the chocolate factory and purchase a huge, 25-pound chocolate bar. This is one family vacation that will never be forgotten, and it's a "sweet" deal for $500 a week.

Beach Vacation

If your family is looking for a sunnier destination, you can find many vacation rentals on a beach. These vacation rentals include fully furnished houses or apartments – which can be a great money-saving idea. A beach vacation rental is almost like having your own home, where the kids can run and play in the yard. You can cook your own meals, which will save on food costs. Beach vacation rentals may cost you up to $400 a week, but it's much cheaper than a hotel.


Camping in one of the many campgrounds around America makes for a great family vacation. Here, a family can rent a lot and either park a camper or set up a tent. Some of these campgrounds have a lake for boating and swimming, and you'll have access to showers and activities. These are fun vacations where a family can spend a lot of time with each other, playing during the day and singing around the campfire at night. This is one of the cheapest vacations around – it may cost $100 a week for the camping spot, but swimming is free!

Historical Vacations

Colonial Williamsburg is a wonderful historical vacation for those of you who wish to step back in time into early America, where life was without modern-day conveniences and hard work was routine. You can get vacation packages to tour colonial Williamsburg and stay in a quaint bed and breakfast or hotel. Prices vary widely from day tours for $50 to a week-long package that includes lodging, food and tours for $1,000.

Another wonderful family vacation is in Gettysburg, where families can experience the Civil War through tours. Some people even report seeing the ghosts of soldiers on the battlefield. You can get vacation packages that include touring parts of the battlefield and other historical hot spots around the vicinity as well hotels and car rentals. You can expect to pay around $300 a week for a nice vacation package.

For people who wish to tour haunted places, a good historical family vacation can be found in Salem, Massachusetts. Here you can find vacation packages that include lodging in haunted hotels and tours of Salem itself. Salem is full of history and is a perfect vacation for anyone interested in early America. Prices range from $50 for tours to $500 for week-long hotel and car rental packages.

By Amy Browne