Team Uniforms

Sports team uniforms for every game

If you play on a team in a recreational league for children or adults, getting team uniforms may be mandatory for participation. Even if it isn't, they offer a great way to boost team spirit and have more fun every time you take the field.

Getting a good deal on team uniforms takes some bargain hunting, but the good news is that they don't cost a lot, particularly if you place a large order. Asking everyone on the team to pitch in a few bucks is fair play for adult recreational sports leagues, and in many children's sports leagues, team uniforms are covered by registration fees.

Find Team Uniforms for Every Sport

First, check with local uniform suppliers. You might be able to get a good deal from a local company in exchange for promotional consideration, especially if you play in a league that draws spectators. In most cases, the more team uniforms you buy, the cheaper they will be.

Here's what you'll need in terms of apparel, depending on the sport you play:

  • Baseball and softball uniforms. Formal baseball uniforms consist of a buttoned-up short-sleeved jersey and matching pants, but informal wear for baseball and softball is much more relaxed. For these uniforms, simply wear breathable shirts and matching shorts.
  • Soccer. Consisting of a jersey, shorts and long socks to keep shin guards in place, soccer uniforms are among the simplest and cheapest for any sport.
  • Basketball. Typical basketball uniforms are comprised of sleeveless jerseys with perforations to help the skin breathe, and athletic shorts that allow for free leg movement.
  • Hockey. Hockey uniforms tend to be looser and baggier, as they have to be put on over bulky hockey equipment. A long-sleeved jersey, hockey pants with thigh padding and stockings are part of the uniform, and many players wear matching helmets and gloves.

More elaborate outfits, such as cheerleading uniforms, will come with higher costs, but also give you the chance to show off your creativity and design skills. If your cheerleading team represents a high school or college, be sure to incorporate your school colors and logo into the design.