Stamp Collecting

Building a valuable collection of stamps

Stamp collecting is a long and time-honored hobby that many people like to indulge in. Collectibles, especially antiques, are very lucrative these days and many people enjoy collecting stamps not only for the fun of it, but because their collection could someday be valuable or carry a high price. Because stamp collecting is so popular, there is special stamp collecting software available to help you find just the right stamp. If you are looking for a hobby that will bring you pleasure for years to come, why not try collecting stamps?

Stamp collecting supplies you'll need

Before you can be a full-time stamp collector, you'll need the supplies to get you started. Make sure you have:

  • A pair of stamp tongs to help you handle your stamps carefully, and make sure you don't ruin valuable stamps
  • Magnifying glass, to view fine details
  • A few stamp collecting albums, especially if you plan to collect a lot of stamps
  • Stamp hinges, which allow you to attach your stamps safely to your album
  • A safe place to store your stamps away from light and moisture

Getting started with stamp collecting

Many people begin their stamp collection by asking friends and family to send them stamps through the mail. This is a great way to get interesting stamps, and you can easily collect stamps from all over the world. Once you have built up a collection, you can start looking for stamps that are valuable to add interest and value to your collection.

Stamp collecting values can vary. A stamp dealer online can help you determine the values of the stamps you have and get you a fair price on other stamps. Many people will go to conventions or trade stamps online -- duplicate stamps in your collection work out in your favor this way, as you can trade these stamps easily for different and sometimes more valuable stamps.

Whatever you choose to do with your stamp collection, this type of hobby works well for people who don't want to spend a lot of time collecting something. You can easily collect stamps in your free time and build a collection that will last forever.