Softball Equipment

Specialized softball gloves, bats and equipment

Recreational softball leagues offer players the chance to be social, enjoy the thrill of competition and, most importantly, get outside and have some fun during the spring, summer and fall. You will need some softball equipment to take part, though, and it's important that you understand the differences between baseball equipment and softball equipment so you don't purchase the wrong gear for your game.

Differences Between Softball Gloves and Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves tend to be smaller, and in the professional ranks, there are even inflexible length limits that do not apply in most softball leagues. Softball gloves are more akin to the gloves worn by baseball corner infielders and outfielders -- long, with open webbing and enlarged trapping mitts. This helps you secure the larger softball in your glove before transferring it to your throwing hand.

Differences Between Softball Bats and Baseball Bats

Similarly, there are key differences between softball bats and baseball bats, and again, it's because of the difference in the size of the ball. Softball bats tend to have thicker barrels, which theoretically adds some weight; even so, you may not notice much of a difference if you use an aluminum or composite bat, as they are very lightweight and still give you plenty of pop at the plate.

More for Your Softball Team

Most recreational leagues have a playoff system that leads to a championship game or series, and as such, you may need to locate a supplier for affordable softball trophies that the winners and the runners-up can take home. You can typically have these personalized, with team names and softball season dates engraved on small plaques.

It's a good idea to wear special cleats when playing softball so that you have extra grip on the ground as you're running the bases or tracking down balls in play. Specialized softball shoes help you prevent injuries and be a better all-round performer.

Softball uniforms create a sense of team unity and add to the fun. If you buy these in bulk, you'll get a price discount -- just ask each member of your team to pitch in a few bucks for uniforms and you'll be ready to hit the field in style!