A great way to make your own clothes using a sewing machine

In these economic times, people are looking to cut back wherever they can on expenditures, especially when it comes to everyday purchases like clothes. To that end, sewing is not only becoming a popular hobby, but is also a very useful one. The amount of sewing patterns and kits online is astounding, and many people prefer to do this in their spare time, making clothing and toys for themselves and their loved ones. Sewing is very easy to get started with, so if this is a hobby that you are interested in, it is relatively inexpensive to begin sewing, even without sewing machines.

Sewing supplies you will need

To get started with sewing, you will need these items:

  • A sewing machine. This is important if you plan to sew clothes, but if you are doing needle crafts, you will not need a machine. You can also hand-sew clothes, though this is much more complicated
  • Needles, different sizes
  • A variety of threads in different colors, thicknesses, and grades
  • A place to sew. People will often recommend buying a specialized sewing table, but you can sew just as easily on your kitchen table.
  • Fabrics
  • Sewing patterns -- if you are a beginner, you will need patterns to start with. Many people will also include either a link to instructions to help you, or include instructions in the pattern.
  • A friend -- someone who is more experienced in sewing can help you when you get into a tough spot.

Learning to sew

Using a sewing machine isn't that complicated. There are many different instruction manuals online to help you determine the best stitches for the clothes or toys you are trying to make. You can also learn to sew by hand using video tutorials or by going to a sewing group.

Try making simple clothes first to get started. If you are doing a needle craft, like embroidering, then do a simple sampler. Once you learn the basics, you can move up to more complicated crafts.

Sewing is economical and a good skill to have in this day and age. Learning to sew isn't too hard, and can give you benefits, as well as saving you money.