Scuba Diving

Proper techniques and great location

While learning to scuba dive may not be at the top of everyone's list of adventures, scuba diving is truly something anyone can enjoy. It is also not nearly as scary as most imagine it and can open up a whole new world of adventure for anyone who is already hooked on snorkeling.

Scuba diving trips make for an amazing getaway. In fact, these days, many travel agencies not only organize but specialize in scuba diving vacations.

So, what does one need to do to enter the breathtaking world of scuba diving?

Getting Started

First, one needs to take scuba lessons. Scuba diving is not something that anyone can just wing; there are important safety considerations. However, lessons can be taken at the scuba destination or at home before the trip, as many aquatic centers offer scuba courses.

Those planning to purchase scuba diving gear will also want to research places to buy discount scuba diving equipment as a cost-saving measure. Over the long run, anyone who might become hooked on the sport should consider investing in scuba equipment, as scuba rental prices can also add up really fast.

By buying equipment, it is also possible to choose more custom scuba diving gear. Scuba masks, fins and body suits are always more comfortable when they fit just right. It also makes for a much better overall scuba diving experience.

Another thing to consider when planning a scuba diving vacation is health. To become certified, scuba divers need to pass an assessment declaring them reasonably fit and healthy. After all, the scuba diving gear is heavy and being under water puts the body and lungs under pressure. While it is perfectly safe and the risk of problems is low when one follows procedures, it's recommended that scuba divers be free of any cardiac or breathing conditions.

Where to Scuba Dive

Once clearing a health assessment, vacationers can begin planning to take a scuba training course. At most scuba destinations, courses can be part of an adventure package. Some popular destinations include Hawaii, Australia and the Bahamas.

Year-round warm waters and a plethora of other attractions (such as active volcanoes and hiking trails) make Hawaii scuba diving a definite North American favorite. For the more adventurous, Hawaii also has fun scuba options such as night scuba diving excursions. A whole new world opens up to the night diver after dark!

Bahamas scuba diving vacations are most popular for couples on a honeymoon. The Bahamas has always been a honeymoon favorite, but with the added draw of scuba diving, it becomes not only a great honeymoon escape, but a great way to really start off the marriage with new and fun couple experiences.

For those looking for a really alternative scuba adventure, countries such as Honduras offer nude scuba diving, which is sure to be titillating. Although it may seem a little strange to us, nude scuba diving is quite common in South and Central America.

Whatever the scuba destination, scuba diving trips always make the best memories and photos. Just remember the water camera!

By Trippy Tracy