RV Vacations

A great way to hit the road

The opportunity to take an RV vacation should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lives. Whether or not you have your own RV or are looking for an RV rental opportunity, this type of vacation is for everyone.

When planning an RV vacation there are several aspects to consider to ensure a great trip.

Renting an RV

If you're new to this type of vacationing or aren't ready to purchase, RV rental is an excellent way to start. The world over, RVs are rented out by the day, week or month. Established companies offer great packages which can be tailored to your requirements.

When renting an RB, here's what you need to find out:

  • The cost per mile.
  • Is RV insurance included?
  • What type of add-ons are available - bedding and cooking equipment, etc - and at what cost?
  • Are there one-way trip surcharges?
  • Are RV supplies such as toilet paper and cleaning fluids (specific to RV dump tank use) provided?

Purchasing an RV

If you plan to make RV vacations a regular thing, the purchase of a new or used RV may be an option. The purchase can be as simple as that of a car, with specific RV financing available from some companies. Some rental RV companies will offer the option to purchase the vehicle at the start of a rental contract and return as a used RV. They will then purchase the vehicle back from you.

Where to Stay

RV camping is a fantastic experience, whether you decide to stay at a privately owned RV park or a state-run RV campground. Just like regular camping, during peak season it pays to plan your route and book sites accordingly, while during low season you will need to ensure campgrounds you have chosen remain open.

Sometimes it is not necessary to stay at any type of campground. However, do check the local laws before pulling into a scenic beach car park and settling for the night, as you may be rudely awakened if RV parking is not permitted!

Simplify Your RV Vacation

If you're looking for full hook-up facilities, you'll need to look for private grounds offering this option. However, with a few RV accessories such as a generator, propane and a full water tank, you have the ability to pull up anywhere for the night and be self-sufficient.

Some RV accessories you can add on your own (such as awnings and tow bars) can add to the experience of the RV vacation, however these all come at a cost, so carefully consider your requirements.

Where to Go?

In an RV, the world is your oyster. Take a road trip down a scenic coast, circumnavigate one of the great lakes, or see the National parks of the USA. Visit another country such as the UK or New Zealand where RVing is popular, and enjoy the sights and the experiences that an RV vacation can offer.

With a little prior planning, an RV trip can be a fantastic experience, suitable for all. Give it a shot and get on the road!

By Charlotte Bellamy