Rock Climbing Equipment

Enjoy rock climbing to the max

Rock climbing is an excellent whole-body workout that also tests your cunning, endurance and dexterity. While you can rent rock climbing equipment from local climbing gyms, you'll want to invest in your own if you make a habit of taking part in this popular activity, especially if you're doing the real thing instead of just climbing a simulated cliff in a gym. With rock climbing continuing to increase in popularity, consumers are seeing more and more options and advancements in the world of equipment than ever before.

First, cover the basics. There are a few essential pieces of rock climbing equipment that every participant needs in order to be safe and secure.

Essential Rock Climbing Equipment

Here are some must-have pieces of rock climbing equipment, whether you work out in a gym or head to the great outdoors:

  • Footwear. Specialized climbing shoes or climbing boots are absolutely essential. They help you gain footholds and keep your grip while providing your feet with vital protection from falling objects.
  • Harnesses. A climbing harness connects the safety rope to the climber tools, allowing you to ascend cliffs or simulated vertical spaces in gyms. To save yourself some money, you can also pick up a used climbing harness, so long as it's still in perfect working condition.
  • Ropes. Rock climbing ropes are typically comprised of a core and a sheath, known a "kernmantle" system. They are extremely strong and are capable of supporting a great deal of weight, allowing you to ascend and descend with ease when properly harnessed.

Beyond these basics, there are also many different specialized pieces of equipment you may want to add to your collection as you build experience, including quickdraws (which link ropes with their anchors), carabiners (specialized connectors) and a wide range of locking, ascending and descending tools.

It's advisable that you seek the advice of an experienced rock climber if you're new to the sport to be sure you're getting safe and secure equipment that will be easy of a person of your experience level to use. Rock climbing is exciting but it does have some risks, which you should always aim to minimize through proper and careful application of equipment.