Learning to quilt

Throughout the ages, women have made quilts to express feelings, tell stories, and record history. Quilting is one of women's most loved and popular hobbies, and is something that even modern-day women are attempting to do on their own. Quilting, like other needle crafts, requires some skills to be learned in order to do successfully, but with the advent of the Internet, this is no longer hard to do. You don't need a quilting bee to learn to make beautiful blankets and baby buntings that will be treasured forever.

Quilting supplies you'll need

To get started with quilting, you will need certain supplies. They include:

  • Quilting fabrics -- many people choose to make quilts out of pieces of old fabric that they have lying around, or to repurpose an old favorite garment into a quilt. You can do this, or you can contact a quilting supply store to get ready made blocks that you can sew easily. Any fabric will do with a quilt.
  • Needles and quilting thread
  • Sewing machine (this is optional -- many people choose to hand-quilt) for machine quilting
  • Quilting patterns -- while you can make a quilt out of just about anything and use any design you like, many people choose to use a pattern when they are first learning to quilt to make it easier
  • A group of friends! The best way to learn to quilt is to learn from those who already know how to do it. Quilting is an extraordinarily social activity, so you can learn and make beautiful quilts while talking and laughing with friends.

Learning to quilt easily

While quilting can seem quite hard, it's actually just a lot of piecing together fabric and ensuring that it fits together. Many people choose to hand sew their quilts in order to ensure perfect lines and hidden stitches, and this is something an experienced quilter may choose to do. However, machine quilting is becoming more and more popular and can actually be easier to do.

Try a quilting pattern online and make a small quilt for a doll's bed or for a baby to start. This isn't overwhelming and will teach you the steps of quilting easily. Once you have mastered that, you can go on to making large quilts for wall hangings or for your bed.

Quilting is fun and can yield valuable results good enough to sell. If you are looking for a new hobby, why not try quilting?