Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs

Why go with a plasma TV?

Plasma TVs are considered by many to be the top of the line. The flat screen is covered in millions of microscopic glass bubbles, each containing a gas (the plasma) and coated in phosphor. Each of these dots work together, like pixels in a digital photo, with each pixel bubble containing three sub-pixels -- blue, red, and green -- which work together to project the full image from a TV show into your living room.

The move to plasma big screen TV has changed the consumer electronic industry from large, CRT picture tube TVs to thinner, lighter, and more sophisticated televisions. Many big screen plasma TVs can be hung on walls using some brackets or a TV arm, allowing for better viewing quality.

Plasma TVs. LCD TVs

There is a misconception that plasma screen TVs and LCD TVs are the same thing. Many see the thin nature of both screens and mistakenly believe that by getting and LCD TV, they are getting the same quality as they would in a plasma TV. LCD involves using a million liquid crystals that move around the screen to match the images, which are projected through the screen using a light. The screens are just as thin and can also be hung on a wall, but unlike plasma screen TV, the colors are not as bright and vivid. If you need help finding the difference between the two TV types, speak with a sales representative at an electronics store for more help.

Plasma Screen TV sizes

Some of the most commonly purchased plasma big screen TV sizes are the 42 inch plasma TV and the 50 inch plasma TV. Both of these sizes are usually easier to work into a wall display or into regular entertainment centers. It's also a matter of cost -- a 42 inch plasma TV will be cheaper than a 60 inch.

When you go to buy your plasma screen TV, make sure you already know where you plan on putting it and how much space you have in that spot. Another thing to be careful of in your TV placement is ambient light in the area -- too much outside light, and it could interfere with what you can see on the screen.