Paintball Equipment

Find paintball supplies, from guns to apparel

Paintball is a popular pastime that combines aspects of skill and strategy with the thrill of competition and rigorous exercise. To take part, you need specialized paintball equipment; this is available on a rental basis at many paintball facilities, but if you're an avid or regular player with specific preferences in guns, supplies and accessories, then investing in your own is the only way to go. This can also save you money in the long run, as you won't have to pay rental fees at paintball facilities each and every time you want to play.

Must-Have Paintball Supplies

Paintball guns are available in a wide range of configurations and styles, and there are dozens of different manufacturers who have made their way into the industry. However, there is an equally diverse range of gun accessories you may want to add to your repertoire to boost your performance and make you a more fearsome foe, including:

  • Battle packs
  • Hoppers and loaders
  • Kit bags
  • Barrels

Weapons aren't necessarily limited to paintballs themselves (though this may depend on the rules of the facility where you're playing). You can also get paintball grenades and other advanced weapons that simulate the battle experience more fully.

As you know all too well from getting hit, paintballs can really sting. Thus, you may want to supplement your paintball clothing with some armor or padding, which includes elbow pads, neck pads, body armor and shin pads. Adding safety gear to your collection of paintball apparel is highly recommended for novice and advanced players alike.

Paintball goggles are another common accessory, but for full face protection, you may also want to consider the merits of wearing a mask. These provide complete cover for your face, head and neck, preventing the possibility of accidental injury and helping you escape damage from your opponent's best shots.

Once you're finished playing, you're going to need to get cleaned up. Thus, you should also add some specialized paintball cleaning supplies to your shopping cart; these will help you get the paint off your equipment and clothing quickly and easily, preventing stains from setting in.