MMA Gear

Equipment for mixed martial arts

If you enjoy mixed martial arts, you need the right MMA gear to keep you protected during matches and to help you perform at the highest possible level. MMA fight gear is optional in some fighting styles, but you should always wear a minimum of a helmet, if permitted, to help you absorb blows to the head and prevent serious head injuries. Additional pieces of MMA gear should be incorporated as necessary, as the rules of your organization dictate, or according to your preferences.

MMA Fight Gear

Mixed martial arts gear for competitive matches may include:

  • Head protection. Lightweight helmets that provide protection for the sides of the head and the temples are often worn in MMA matches. While full head protection may not be permitted, as attacks to the head are a vital part of MMA strategy in many disciplines, you should use whatever safeguards are allowed as head injuries can be very serious.
  • MMA gloves. Gloves for mixed martial arts matches typically look like boxing gloves, but aren't quite as bulky and allow for faster strikes. Some disciplines use very thin gloves with open fingers that just protect the palms and top sides of the hands.
  • Shin guards. Like other MMA fight gear, shin guards are lightweight and offer modest protection from direct blows, but are not designed to complete resist impact.

You might also wear rash guards in the ring, to prevent the abrasiveness of the canvas from scratching or burning your skin as you battle an opponent on the ground.

MMA Training Gear

Other equipment is designed especially for training. Sparring gloves and punching bags are essentials for MMA practice rounds, and comfortable clothes like T-shirts and athletic shorts should be worn to help you stay cool and maintain an optimal range of motion during workouts. Online vendors are excellent sources of cheap MMA gear if you're on a budget.

If you're in doubt about what you're permitted to wear, both during practice and in the ring in a competitive bout, consult your local gym or the league's governing body to clarify any MMA equipment regulations. You can be disqualified from a match if you wear any illegal equipment into the ring during a fight.