Las Vegas Travel

Glitz and glam for a great price

Las Vegas is known for everything over-the-top: excessive lights, gambling, partying and décor. But you don't have to take your budget over the top to visit Vegas, nor do you have to gamble all your money away, get hitched or live like a high roller. There are plenty of attractions and activities in Las Vegas for everyone's tastes, including singles, couples and families.

Your Las Vegas Vacation

The best Las Vegas vacations begin with the booking of a unique Las Vegas hotel. No other city offers you the opportunity to sleep in a pyramid, circus setting, castle or Roman palace. Vegas hotels and attractions take their character from other places around the world, so you can see everything – even the Eiffel Tower, for those romantics in the crowd – in one place.

Can't decide? Have no fear - most Vegas hotels are also tourist attractions, so with the help of a Las Vegas hotel map, you can check out many of the fabulous hotels even if you're not staying at them.

Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Vegas without a trip to a Las Vegas casino. Many fancy, flashy facades compete with your attention up and down the strip. But while they may all appear different on the outside, most Las Vegas casinos are the same inside - a variety of slot machines and table games occupied by a mixture of intense gamblers and those just out to have a good time.

You can gamble almost anywhere in Vegas. Whether it's a full-blown casino or the diner where you grab some grub, there is bound to be at least one slot machine.

Entertainment in Vegas

Las Vegas shows are known worldwide, with singers like Paul Anka, Celine Dion and Bette Midler being just a few big names who have performed nightly shows there. But if popular tunes aren't up your alley there are plenty of other shows that run regularly. These include stand-up comics and musicals, as well as circus shows and magicians specifically for children.

Vegas Weddings

If you're heading to Vegas as a single or as part of a couple, the idea of a Las Vegas wedding probably hasn't escaped you. Shotgun weddings at cheap chapels are a distinguishing feature of Vegas, and if you're up for it, they make for a memorable event.

Heading to Vegas for a family vacation? Your kids will get a kick out of watching Mom and Dad renew their vows in a silly little ceremony for a reasonable price.