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Great rainy day activities

By Donna Morgan

It's raining! But not to worry, Mom has a few ideas up her sleeve to make everyone happy. The best answer for rainy days is to focus on your child's favorite activities and then kick them up a notch. These suggestions are sure to please even the most discriminating kids:

  1. Bake, cook, freeze! You have to eat, so make it fun! Make some muffins for breakfast, stir up some soup for lunch to take the chill off. If it's a warm, summer rain, bring the sunshine in with some fruit pops: Just half-fill paper or plastic cups with your favorite fruit juice, cover with plastic wrap, poke through with straws, and freeze until hard.
  1. Read, read, read! Cozy up with everyone on the couch and have story time. Let the kids pick their favorite books or magazines. Or, make up a story and let everyone have a turn adding a line.
  2. Paint, craft, color! Be creative. Scotch tape any kind of paper over the entire surface of the kitchen table and let it be everyone's canvas. Or, let the little ones make cards for grandma or cousin Sally, and have the older kids help you with a project you've been meaning to finish.
  3. Dance, dance, dance! Get rid of some of that energy. Put on any kind of music and let the living room floor be your dance floor. Classical for the ballerina, Jazz, Hip Hop, Top 40? And don't forget to sing! Your preschooler won't mind if you're off-key.
  4. Take a field trip! If the weather's not too bad, put on all that silly looking rain gear and head outside. Mail that letter to cousin Sally or visit your local library. It's free, and there is a good chance they have a children's section. Visit a children's museum or aquarium - most offer educational programs that are fun for young and old.