Home Theater Speakers

Bringing the best home theater speakers to your home

So you've got the best TV, and an amazing audio receiver in your home. But now you want to hear what they are saying in that fantastic blow 'em up movie, or that sappy romantic story you love. Time to find the home theater speakers that match your budget and style!

Before you march down to your local electronics store, take a look at what kind of home audio speakers you need to match your entertainment center. What do you have money for in your budget? Do you want something that matches your home d├ęcor, or do you want something that will hide away well into the walls or the background of your home?

If you want to find the best home theater speakers for your entertainment center, also make sure you find out what they can handle against your current set up. If they are not capable of handling a high decibel volume or are sensitive to feedback, you will feel as if you have wasted your money.

Some of the different systems you can get include:

  • Digital speakers. Digital audio speakers are capable of producing clear sound and extra data for each frequency. Unlike analog speakers, which can be prone to interference, digital speakers produce a clear, even sound for you to listen to.
  • Wireless speakers. Although some of the speakers will still use a wire of some sort, wireless speakers are all about reducing the number of cords running around your floor and walls. Wireless speakers can usually run off a Bluetooth or other wireless signal connection, running through the subwoofer and into the speakers you place throughout the entertainment space, if not into the rest of your home. Make sure they are compatible with the rest of your home entertainment system, or that you can buy a wireless device to communicate with the rest of your devices.

The best speakers for home theater systems really depends on how high-tech you want to go in your home. But make sure you look up reviews online and in consumer review guides to find the system that best suits your needs.