Home Theater Receivers

Bringing the best audio system into your home

Home theater receivers have been an important part of the home entertainment system for the last few decades. With the advent of bigger, better, flat screen TVs and the vivid imagery of LCD and plasma TVs, having a home audio system to match the picture helps bring the movie theater experience to your home.

Aside from bringing the movie theater to your home, home theater receivers also work as stereo receivers, hosting a number of analog and digital stereo channels, or even satellite radio stations like Sirius Radio.

Audio components to a home theater receiver

There are several audio components to a home theater receiver. In addition to the receiver itself, there is also the home audio amplifiers that must be looked at. A home audio amplifier gives power to the sounds coming from your receiver as it makes its way to the speakers. It can control bass, equalization, tone control, and audio balance of the sounds you are listening to. However, make sure you are aware of how much power you are buying. Many people think that the amplifier's wattage has something to do with the loudness of sound coming from your speakers, but that is not true. Instead, you want to look at things such as decibel output (remember -- it does take twice the watts to produce sound at a particular decibel), distortion quality, and continuous power (if the amp can't handle the power of what you are listening to, then it's almost no good).

Careful purchase planning

When you go to purchase your home theater receiver, make sure you have done your customer reviews and budget planning in advance. Make sure you know what kind of receiver will meet your home entertainment needs, whether it will have a low or high limit (which will depend on how large of a space you want to pipe your music and television through) and how much you are willing to spend. In fact, if you don't have your budget nailed down ahead of time, you could end up getting a top-of-the-line unit you will never properly utilize.