Golf Clubs

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A good set of golf clubs is the most important investment a golfer can make. There are four main types of golf clubs, each of which is used for particular types of shots. These golf club types are common to both men's golf clubs and women's golf clubs, and a basic understanding of how these club types work is essential for beginners seeking to gain a better grasp of the game. Before you buy golf clubs, take the time to educate yourself on how the various clubs are used in specific situations.

Types of Golf Clubs

The four main types of clubs are woods, irons, wedges and putters:

  • Woods. A wood is a heavy type of golf club reserved for power shots. When you're making your first shot on a hole and covering a long distance is your primary consideration, you'll turn to a wood club.
  • Irons. These clubs are used for mid-range shots; they don't provide as much power as woods, but still help you cover considerable distances on approach shots. Irons are also used to make shots when your ball has landed in uneven or difficult ground.
  • Wedges. There are three sub-types of wedges: pitching wedges, sand wedges and lob wedges. Pitching wedges perform much like irons, but are better-suited to mid-range shots. Sand wedges help you lift your ball out of sand traps with specially contoured undersides. Lob wedges are used for approach shots and feature high loft angles.
  • Putters. These clubs have short shafts and low profiles, and are generally reserved for close-range shots at the hole while on the putting green.

Sometimes, a fifth category is considered: hybrid golf clubs. These clubs perform in multiple situations, and are generally a cross between a wood and an iron, allowing you to strike the ball for distance as well as finesse.

Considerations for Advanced Players

If you're an intermediate- or advanced-level golfer, investing in custom golf clubs may be something you're considering. Custom golf clubs can be specially made at specific weights and lengths, and you can also choose specialized materials that will heighten the effectiveness of your swings. Consult an experienced manufacturer of customized clubs to find the equipment that will help your game the most.