Golf Balls

Personalized golf balls and more

If you play golf competitively, then ball sizes and weights are standardized; even so, there are plenty of ways you can use personalized golf balls and custom golf balls to add a touch of flair to your game and help you keep track of your ball on the green. If you're just learning the game, you can also use specially designed balls with unique characteristics and varied weights. These can help you focus on improving your swing.

Characteristics of Golf Balls

Golf balls have three major performance characteristics:

  • Cover type. Harder and softer covers affect the flight of a golf ball. Professionals tend to use balls with softer covers; while these are less durable, they are generally considered to boost performance and control.
  • Rate of spin. Golf balls designed for low handicaps are designed to have higher spin rates, causing them to come to a stop more quickly when they hit the ground. Balls with lower spin rates tend to carry for longer distances.
  • Trajectory. The type of cover on a golf ball will affect its trajectory when you strike it. Lighter covers tend to result in higher arcs, while heavier covers result in lower, more direct flight paths.

Seasonal factors may also affect your choice of golf balls. If you play during winter or spring, use a ball with a softer cover, as moisture in the ground will naturally help the ball stop more easily. During the summer and autumn, golf balls with heavier covers may perform better since the ground tends to be drier.

Customized Golf Balls

There are many ways you can create custom golf balls, and vendors of wholesale golf balls generally offer customers the ability to personalize their equipment. You can add golf ball logos if you want to adorn your equipment with a company or team logo, and personalized golf balls that have your name or a nickname help you find your ball on the green more reliably.

If you don't want to customize your golf balls, you can get balls in a range of colors to help keep your ball separate from those of other players during a game.