Your guide for hitting the skies

For many travelers, securing flights and tickets can be the most challenging part of going on vacation, but airline travel doesn't have to be stressful.

Step By Step

First, determine which airline you want to fly with. Think about where you are going, check around for costs and ask your friends about their experiences with different airlines. Some airline flights are more enjoyable than others simply because the attendants are nicer, the food is better and the plane itself is cleaner. All these little things can add up to a positive experience.

Next, it's time to book flights. You can reserve your flights and tickets online, by phone or through a registered travel agent. If you book online, many sites will let you print your airline tickets on your home computer. They may also send your plane tickets by mail, as they would if you booked by phone. Travel agents can do this either way as well.

For international travel, consider the length of flight and who you're traveling with. It might be worth paying extra for a direct flight if you are traveling with young children, as this cuts down on travel time. Also, remember to bring all relevant documents to the airport for international flights, like your passport or birth certificate.

Flight Tips

To save money, search online for last minute flights, which may be significantly cheaper. You might sacrifice sitting with your travel partner or partners, and you may not fly at the ideal time of day, but you can get a great deal traveling this way.

Be sure to check your airline reservation one day and a few hours before departure to make sure everything is still on schedule.

After your flight is over and you have arrived at the airport, make sure you've made things easier for yourself with pre-arranged pickup. A travel agent or airport employee can recommend a company and you can call before you leave to arrange to have a car pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.